Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Ski Trip

  I am back from Colorado, Winter Park. I was so blessed to be Invited by my Dr. Herring to go on a ski trip with 12 other teens. My trip was indescribable. It was more than I expected. I thank the Lord for this amazing trip.
  Dr. Herring has been my Dr. for a very long time and I am so blessed to have him as my doctor. I was blessed to meet his wife and to see him out of his uniform for this trip. He was very helpful, helping me up and down stairs and being more than just a Doctor to me. He came up with the Ski trip idea and they have been doing this trip for 32 years and it is like no other trip that I have been to. Thank you Dr. Herring for inviting and and it was a pleasure to meet your wife and other kids like me. Thank you.
  Thank you American Airlines for the ride on the Airplane.
  Thank you to all the Doctors from Scottish Rite Hospital for all your planning, all your help, and all your love to us 13 kids.
  Thank you Winter Park for letting me come and have more than a blast. Thank you for all the Volunteers and all your time to show me how to Ski.
Thank you all for the planing and help that was given to me last week.

I will put videos soon. Here are some pictures.

Mom and I drove to hospital and then we drove in a van to the Airport.
 At the Airport.
Mom and I

 My pass to get on the Airplane.
 There was a party for us at the Airport.
 The view.
 So cool.

 In the Airplane.

 In Denver.

 Waiting for cars to take us.
 The Drive to eat and sleep.

Dr. Herring driving.

 The pretty Mountains on the drive.

More to come tomorrow.
Thanks for reading and looking at the first part of my trip.

Erika M.


Marcus said...

Nice! Looks like you had fun... Can't wait to see more!!!

Avery said...

So cool!
You must have had an AWESOME time!
Was the plane ride long?
I haven't been on a plane since I was like 3. I would LOVE to do it again.
Can't wait to see the videos!

Sarah The Dreamer said...

Looks like fun!