Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Ski Trip Part 5

Group Picture at Lunch

Having Lunch
 I have more ski pics coming. I had a hard time getting pictures of my self skiiing. I was have to much fun and forgot.
We wrote a song for ski tv (talent show) while waiting to to Hernando's.
(I will show the video of it when I get it from my Dr.

We made to our dinner place.
They have some awesome pizza.

Hernando's have more 20,000 Dollars in the restaurant.

At Hernando's.
We had 3 tables to fit all of us.

Friend Yuri.

Me and a another teen.

 The big desert.
One of the teens ordered.

The Camera man was given one also.

We came back to the Condo's and played cards.

More to Come.

Erika M.