Friday, February 22, 2013

My Ski Trip Part 4

The View from the Condo.

We all got to go the Hot pool and it was very warm.

Camera men were there making a documentary on the Ski trip.

I went and put my hands in the pool but didn't get n.
Would of been a lot of work.

A couple of the girls stayed out also.

Some of the kids got out and rolled in the snow and then ran back in.

The Big Condo.

Mrs. Herring cooked dinner for everyone.

It was very Good.

Camera man.

Dr. Herring and His Wife Kathy Herring.

I got stickers for my Guitar Case.

Crazy Hair.

More to come.

Erika M.

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Designs by DD said...

So neat to see your pictures. I'm very glad God blessed you with the opportunity to go on this trip! :)