Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Ski Trip Part 7

Backed my bags
I helped make Breakfast.
(Sorry it's blurry)


Dr. Herring drinking orange juice.

We invited all the boys the girls condo and had our last breakfast together.

I had to get a picture of out doors before we left the condos.

We arrived at the airport after 2 hours of driving.

We were given snack while we waited for our flight.


Dr. Herring and his wife talking.

One of the snacks was amazingly big cookies.

He split the cookie with me and his wife.

I had to sign 20 thank you cards.
(I know my signature)

I like this model.

Dr. Ellis and I.

We finally took our flight and I arrived at Dallas Fort Worht with all my body parts together.

That's what it looked like from the airplane.

And mom got her Winter Park magnet.

Thank you all once again for this amazing trip to Colorado. It was a trip like no other and I am blessed to have been invited.
Thank you Dr. Herring, Scottish Rite Hospital, American Airlines, and Winter Park.

Erika M.

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