Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sister Anna

  Anna surprises me every day. She show me all the cool things she can think of and make.Yesterday me and Mom left for the hospital to get some thing fixed on my prosthetic legs. We came home and every one was excited to have us back. So Anna was dressed up funny looking and showed me and Mom what she made for Science and for the dog.
  Were studying the digestive system in Science so she made something to go along with it. It was very interesting. I liked it.
   I can't really describe what she made, but if you saw it you would really like it.

   And here is Anna's poster for the dog. It made me laugh when I saw it. It says on it;

                       Wanted Mazy.
                 For steeling my heart.
              $50 Reward for who finds.



And you can see the video of her and her funny outfit here.

Erika Minich


Rachel said...

cool! sisters are great!


Joy said...

Cool! It looks like you and your sisters have so much fun together.