Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We Had New Baby Goats

Today we had three knew baby goats. I even got it on my Camera. It was so amazing.

We also had some of our friends come over and look at them.

If you go to my mom's blog, you can see them being born. Its not working on my blog. So here you go:    

Here are some pictures:
Here is the first one.Its A boy!
 She is being A great mother.
 He is licked off.
Good job Sweety pie.
 Trying to find some food.
And then She had another beautiful baby boy.
 He is HUGE.
The name will be Chester.
There she is licking him off.
 How Sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 He found the food.
 I love you mommy.
 And there they are.
Here is a picture together with the goats.
Here is Maple, and she had hers. Its A girl!
 Here she is licking her.
A beautiful Girl.

Wow That looks really panful. 
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Sarah The Dreamer said...

CHESTER IS CUTE! HE IS ADORABLE! I LOVE HIM!!!!!! But so is Suzy(youngest),Tarzan(oldest), and Bambi.