Sunday, February 20, 2011

Family Camp

Friday February 18th 201, we went to camp. This time the whole family went. It was so fun. Me and mom took pictures during the camp fun.

Here are some pictures:
                                                This on the way there.
                                                   It was so beautiful.

There is me getting ready for bed.
                                             Sarah and Jacky( her  friend) played on a iPhone.
                                                         There is Anna ready for bed.
                                                   There is me getting my legs off.
                  That is Kylie on of my friends that use to come but turned 18 and couldn't come. She was invited to be a helper.
                                            There is Sarah finishing that.
                                                   There is Brittany my friend doing it.

                                                             There is Kylie doing it.
                                                  Way to go she did it.
                                                      There is Anna looking at something.
                                          You have to get across to the other side on the board.
                                                Team Work.
                                                       Standing on the board together.
                                                              Me going across the board.
                                                And there is me walking on the low rope.
There is Anna going on the swing.
                                                        Sarah getting ready to go up.
                                                   There is a smile.
                                                                        Going up.
There is Sarah going up as far as she want to.

There is Anna going all the way up.

And there is me going all the way up. I'm so proud of myself.
                                          This is a guy that is in training at the hospital.
                                           I was getting ready to go up and he came up
                                           and said: Hey Erika you have something on
                                           your shirt. So I looked down and he put his
                                           finger under my nose and flicked it. I told
                                           payback is coming.
                                           So I got some really cold water and pored it on
                                           the back of his neck.  He was surprised. Then he
                                           said: payback is coming.
                                           So we did that through the whole time of camp.
                                           It was so fun. I gave him some water on the back of
                                           his neck before we left.
                                           I have to bring an extra pare of cloths on Wednesday
                                           because I'm going to the hospital and he is there and
                                           has cold water with him.

                                               I caught one fish.

Then they had Army men come and bring there motorcycle's so we could try them out.
                                                                         Here is Anna.
                                                   Trying one out.
This the lodge when we did the activities,
                                                               Sorry they aren't good pictures.

                                                   There is Anna doing an activity
                                                  You have to knock the cups over with a ball.
We had a great time. I loved it.



Emilie said...

That looks like allot of fun. :-)

Sarah The Dreamer said...

It was! But I never noticed how low I went on the swing.

Avery said...

Awwwwww the goats look so cute!!!!!! :D