Friday, February 4, 2011

Sweet Friday Morning

Snow is here. I love it.

                                                 I can't believe how much it snowed.
                                                    There is my picture  with the snow.
                                                                           It is so pretty.
                                 I love this picture. It looks like house in the movie The Waltons.
                                                          Wonderful creation of God.
                                                               There are our foot prints.
                                                           That is the road.(Street)
                   I think they know that mom is taking a picture of them. Enjoying the snow.
                                                       There is me trying to fix my hat.
                                                                   Thumbs Up.
God has made a wonderful Planet...Winter it snows and summer it is hoe.
I love it.



Emilie said...

You got allot of snow! :-) Looks fun!

Katie - a Blessed Mommy! said...

Erika - little award for you on my blog!
Stylish blogger award I'm passing on to you!
Katie Butts

Sarah The Dreamer said...

It was so fun!