Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spending Time With My Baby Goat Chester

 This afternoon I went outside to spend some time with my baby Goat Chester. He has gotten so big.
What I did was:Sat on chair that mom brought for me. I sat down and put Chester on my lap and got him comfortable. He loved it and also fell asleep on me. I got some pictures.He Woke up few minutes later.

There is him a sleep.
 Here he is awake.
 I love him.
He is so Cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He is so BIG.
Going to sleep.
He is SO Happy.
I'm Hungry, need some food.
Scratching my self. 
Biting my pants.
Biting His leg.
And hear is a video of them playing.

And then me and Sarah played basketball. Me and Sarah were hugging and me and her fell very slowly.

 I got some pictures.
 A leave blow on my hair.
 I had a lot of fun.


Sarah The Dreamer said...

Very wobboly video.

Rebecca said...

wow....lots of pics but looks like you had fun!

MaryGrace said...

So when your on the ground did Anna and Sarah and Alli put you on the ground?