Thursday, February 3, 2011

Our School Day With Our Friend: this is a late post

Monday this week we had a friend come over to do school with us.

The thing was mom never told us, so it was a surprise.

It was so fun. I got some pictures of our lunch brake.

Here they are:
                                             This is Sarah and Sarah playing on the  seesaw.
                                                    I can tell they are having lots of fun.
                                                      My Sarah had a great time with her.
                                                                           Picture time.
Playing  ball.
                                                                       Getting sticks.
                                                              Hiding from our billy goat.
                                           Meanwhile Anna and Dad were fixing the fence.
She is a good helper.
                                                          HERE  COMES BRIAN.
We had a great time together. It was so fun.


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