Sunday, February 12, 2012

New Guitar

Today I bought a new guitar from a friend.
Mom and Dad payed half of it.
Thank you mom and dad.
And also Eliot Ritche for selling it.
The case with the stickers.
 And here's the Guitar.
 I love it.
Thanks for reading.

Erika Minich


Hektor said...

Hope you enjoy!:D

Anonymous said...

I still don't think Eliot should have sell the guitar case. Its got spunk. Hmm... Maybe personalty. Yes. Its got a LOT of personalty. :D


Erika Minich said...

Erika, I LOVE your new guitar! It has a really nice sound. And I love the stickers on the guitar case. We need to find one that says, "Ukrainian Princess's Rock!" :)
Love Mom

Hannah said...

Very cool Erika!! Hehe To bad you aren't commin to M-group...:( but we aint having it anyways...cos of the 'men's retreat' for church!