Sunday, February 26, 2012

Decorating Cookies

  Last night we had some company that came over and talked.
They also gave me some thing to keep me busy while I am in the wheelchair  . And I am very thankful for it.

Here are the pictures:

Making my first cookie. 
There were three cookies to decorate.

 And here it is finished,
I gave this one to Alli.

 It was hard to eat.
 And then I decorated the second one.
 Sarah wanted it so I made her one.

 She loved the design.

 Last of all I did the third Cookie.
 I put my name and Alli decorated it for me.

 After we finished I gave to Anna when she came 
in the house. I didn't know if she wanted on so I 
just put my name on it.
 I worked so hard to make it look pretty and Anna
crossed out my name with blue food coloring!
 And there she is eating it.
 Thanks to the Truitts.

 Erika Minich


Chiara Elena said...

Hi dear, I'm so glad you feel well enough to do things and enjoy other people company. Stay positive and happy. Hugs Chiara

The wonder women said...