Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Royal Baby

May this baby grow up to be like his father and mother.

God bless you as you raise your new baby boy.
May you have all the fruits of the spirit and show him love and kindness.

  Congratulation to the Prince and Princes of Cambridge.
There knew baby arrived on Monday 4:24 pm, weighed 8lb 6oz.
  Congratulations to a proud and joyful mom as she held her baby boy and smiled at the very excited crowd.

                                                    This is my favorite pictures. 
This picture made me smile. I remember being woken up on a Saturday morning as my mom told me with an excited voice "The Prince is getting married." I jumped out of my bed and ran to the living room and watched the wedding happen. She was so pretty and glowing with happiness, and the prince was hansom, looking at her with love and respect. They both looked shy and a frightened, which is understandable. The first kiss was fast, the second was a TRUE and long lasting as if the words "till death do us part" were meaningful.

A Happy Daddy
  Congratulations to you both.

Erika M.