Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Camp Out On a Limb 2013 Part 1

 I am so thankful to have been able to go to PKRC Peaceable Kingdom Retreat for Children this year. I will say that this was my hardest year out of seven. I have grown up with so many kids there and have watched them leave and start a new chapter of their life. Five Campers have graduated this year and one of the campers was my best Friend. 
 This year My very best camp friend (Brittany) had her last year at PKRC. I have never cried at camp in all six years, but this year I couldn't hold it all back.  I have grown up with her and it's so hard to leave. For me to know that next year I'll come back and she won't be there. She won't be waiting for me to get my shoes on so we can both go together and have breakfast, she won't be there to give me huge when I am tired, she won't be there laughing at my sarcastic jokes, she won't be there to cheer me on the zip line or the swing, she won't be there to swim with me in the pool or dance at dance parties, and so many other memories that I have had with her. 
Also two other guys that I have known for a while have graduated. The very guys that got pranked by the girls every year at camp. How much I will miss that!! 
Next year I will come back and knew campers will be there. They will find out that what they are a part of for the week is so so so special and I pray that they treasure each week, because it only comes once a year. Each memory I have made there I hold dear to my heart and look back on them. The people I have met, the smiles I've seen and the laughs I have heard each year are so so special.
My year of Graduation is approaching fast. I have two years and I am scared to death of having to leave  this wonderful place. Every year I go it is my highlight of the year.
I want to thank Wanda for all you have done. For planning through the year and all the behind the scenes you did. 
I also want to thank Laura and Tyler for providing all the food and the pranking things for us so we could prank the Staff.
I also want to thank Robert for being so encouraging this year. You really helped me and Sarah get through the dance. I loved hearing your encouraging words and you were my example.

I Love riding through these trees on the Gulf Carts.

We arrived on Sunday this year.

At the theatre waiting for more people to come.

Friends Cash and Brittany

Austin and Josh.

We got into our cabins after talent show prep.

I brought my guitar for the talent show.

This sign hangs outside the place we eat.

That was last years sign we did.

Sarah and her old buddies

Dereck and I.
(He use to go to camp at PKRC also, now he is a staff member and has been one for a while)

Walking to archery 

Robert my example for this year.
So glad you came.

Yuri, who also graduated.

I did three this year.

Cool lookin Robert and I.

Part two to come.

Erika M.

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Sarah The Dreamer said...

Great words Erika! And pictures! I'm going to miss camp..