Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wishing Kindred Spirit Happy Birhtday.

    My Dearest Friend Brittany.  I wish you the greatest birthday. I love you so very much. Ever Since I first met you have been such a delight.

  I first met you at the wonderful place called Peaceable Kingdom Retreat for Children.  Your were only 11 years old and I was 8.

 It is so hard to believe you and I were so small. I have had the pleasure to watch you grow and change so much.

And I know that you and me don't see each other much (and we only live 20 minutes apart) but deep in my heart you are closer to me than I ever thought.

        Your smile has lifted my heart every time I see you. Every time you gave me hug I treasured it with all my heart.

I loved helping you with school when you didn't understand.

I love getting your friendly emails.

Happy 18th Birthday.

I love receiving your phone calls when you wanted to say hi.

I love you VERY MUCH.

Erika M.

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Sarah The Dreamer said...

18?? WOW! Happy Birthday!:)