Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Have I Ever Told You About My Mom??

Have I Ever Told You About My Mom??
   I have never started to really realize how precious she is to me, until she left to North Carolina. My mom was gone for 2 weeks with my sister Alli. Sarah, Anna, and I had to hold down the fort. And my dad was there to help us when we messed up or there to comfort us when we longed to be held in our mothers arms.
   My mom practically flew across the whole world just to get me. I think about that now and I realize that God really had this all planned out.
   Mamma met Pappa almost 25 years ago and they both love each other. My mom is so loyal in so many ways, that I can't even express it. She has loved all eight kids from child number one to child number eight.
   When my mother is rejected by one of us she does not reject back, but gives all the love she has to offer. She forgives us before we apologize. Sometimes it is very hard, but she manages to do it. She has so much love and kindness in her, I sometimes stand in wonder where she gets it from. It all comes from Christ, who gave his life for her and me, and everyone in the world. And I hope so much I have the gifts she has when and if I get married and have children of my own.
   I sometimes stand there and watch my mom engage in Facebook, blogging, or even email and watch her different reactions to different things. She is not just a mother but a special mom and Grandmother to 11 grandchildren.
   I have had people come up to me and tell me that I have the best mother in the world. I even had a 16 year boy that I know come up and tell me he really loved my mom. I replied, " So do I."
   I have gone places and have seen kids be so disrespectful to their mom it shocked me. I have had friends tell my that they hate their parents and even siblings!!! I felt so sorry for them.  My mom is my gift and treasure. And I long so much to be like her.
   She wakes up every morning always in a happy mood ready to start a day fine and dandy. My mom is treasure that no money can replace. I also have noticed that she and pappa balance each other out. They are like a body, and when part of the body is hurt the rest of the body hurts with it. They comfort each other when the other is down and feels alone. They pray together when they need instruction. They thank the Lord for the big and even little blessings.
   She daily makes breakfast, lunch, and dinner for five hungry family members. She is sometimes a short order cook. She is also an amazing Gluten Free Cook.
   She has even had to change from four different grades to help four of us girls with school work. It amazes me how she keeps up.
   My mom has also set up a special time with daughters. Once a month each girl gets to go with mom by them selves some where they like and talk with mom. We get to tell her what's on our minds and things we love to do.
   She came up to me today and told my that she broke her camera, being irresponsible. I asked her how so.. She told me she didn't wrap the strap around her hand and tripped over her foot and dropped it. She told me she was so sad because after all the warnings for us in wearing the strap and being very careful, she was the one not careful. I am not writing this to gain up on my mom but to say she is not afraid to tell me when she has messed up. She is not afraid to admit her mess ups or her wrongs. And that is where I want so much to learn from her.
   She takes us to the rocking chair when we are out of sorts and rocks us, singing and comforting us. Anna calls the rocking chair "The Chair of Doom." I call it "The Chair of love and comfort."

I love you mama and treasure you FOREVER.

Erika M.


Christie Minich said...

Erika, I don't deserve you. You are a lovely daughter. :)

Avery said...

Awwww...that is so sweet!!!

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Sarah The Dreamer said...

Of course you don't deserve her, you just got her. LOve you MOM!