Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Thoughts on the Gift of Life.

   Have I ever told you how I am truly blessed by God. I am going to be 15 this coming up month and wish with all my heart I could be the 7 year old who came home seven years ago.
   I wish so much to be the little girl that Papa was to pick up and throw over his shoulder like I weighed nothing to him. That girl that was swept off her feet and held like a princess in her father's arms.
   I wish that I could be the little girl that mama use to dress up in dresses and do my hair the way she liked it on me. The girl who use to fit in mama's lap and watch her on the computer. But life moves on, even if you sometimes don't want it to.
   As I get older I treasure so much the things that happen to me. The small and the big. Things that will always be placed in my heart.
   Small things like listening to my sisters laugh. Watching my sister Alli grow up and her face looks so grown up. She has gotten so tall and now is almost an inch taller than I am. She is 5. Ft 2 and 3 quarters. I am so proud of my dearest, younger sister Alli and love her so very much. I love getting back rides on you Alli, I will always treasure them.
   I love to watch my sister Sarah singing and dancing when things are down and quiet around the house. I love her cheerful attitude and she has really helped
I love this driveway.
The driveway that I have walked and fallen on.
The driveway that I use to take the trash out.
Me through hard times. I love being Sarah's sister and the fact that I knew her before my parents, makes it a deep relationship between my dearest friend and Sister. My Sarah has also gotten taller. She has half in inch to go and she will be as tall as me very soon. WOW. I love sharing my thoughts with Sarah.
   My Anna... She has been a very helpful sister to me. I love sharing music with her. I love seeing her smile when something funny happens. I love hearing her sarcastic jokes. I love her beautiful dark red hair.

   I love this view. I get to look at every time I go out to see my father. God's creation just fascinates me.

   Every Leaf that is so unique in its own way. The way the color is shown in the sunlight.

  The sun that comes up every morning and goes down every night. The sun that gives us warmth and light. The sun that keeps us going every day.
    Also the chickens that give us eggs every morning. I will be thankful for these God created creatures.

  The way the flower in each pebble on it, is put exactly the way it's suppose to be.

   The color on each pebble just amazes me.

   I will always remember looking outside and seeing Sarah or Alli just enjoying the swing, that Alli, Papa, and I made.
    I love the idea that I am part of the Minichs. I am part of the Minich team, who gets together when things get chaotic. We take the hard things to the Lord and find rest in him. We love on each other when one is needing love. That just fills my heart with joy.

   I love our Dog Bella, who is so playful and has amazing facial expressions. I love seeing her and Anna playing together. I love watching her fur fly back when she is running.

And our wonderful, faithful cat.
Bob THE Cat.

I love this awesome sign that Papa and I painted together. I love those Horse shoes.

This is the back of the sign.


I love the idea that my papa works right behind our house.  I am blessed to have my dad here at home and to see him as much as I can. Sarah and Alli have both been working with papa and been paid.

   I caught a picture of Alli like this when she was helping dad.
  She is really liking this idea.

   Anyway, I am so glad to be here. I am so thankful that I have the gift of life. I hope someday to be in impact on someones life.

Erika M.


Sarah The Dreamer said...

Girl... that was SO sweet! I LOVE you!:)

Megan said...

I love that you see these many people go through life without appreciating the little (and even the big) things. Thanks for the reminder today! :)
P.S. I feel honored that my little silver car made it into your blog. :D

Mike said...

I too am blessed to be apart of God working in your life! Thank you LORD, you are an Awesome God!