Sunday, December 8, 2013

Winter in Wylie

   Well, winter is here and I have rather enjoyed it. It has gotten very cold and we are blessed with a warm fireplace to keep us warm. We had a winter storm hit us on Thursday night and Friday morning. Our electricity went out at 7am. Mama, my sister, and I lit oil lamps that mama has been collecting and papa tended to the fire. Our stove was electric so we couldn't make any breakfast so we used our stove that kept us very warm. We took our cold food outside on the back porch and kept busy.
    It was wet and slippery outside. Our trees were bent over because of the water that froze into ice on every branch. Some broke and branches fell off.

 Mama made breakfast for papa on our heating stove and I made grits for my sisters.
 On of our oil lamps. Sarah loves to read so I had to capture this picture.
It reminds me of the pioneer days, like "Little House on the Prairie"

It was so much fun living like the old pioneer day. I hope that other people are safe and warm.

Erika M.


Sarah The Dreamer said...

That was a fun!


your house is always so cozy!:) we used alot of candles.

Manfred said...

Love the Photo of the frozen Tree.

Wish you and your family a nice last weekend in 2013 and a happy new year.

Erika M. said...

Thank you Manfred.

Erika M.