Saturday, August 31, 2013

1 Week of School

One week of school has gone by. 
This year is different for everyone.
Sarah, Anna, and I started Highschool this year and Alli started 7th grade.

My sister Anna is started going to public school this year and she is so excited
And thankful that mom and dad let her go.

For dad and mom it was hard watching her leave on a buss every morning. 
Their baby girl is growing up and knows what she wants.
For Anna it's exciting!!
I will say, my parents amazing.
My mom has been a great teacher and still is. My dad, a great encourager for everyday.
My parents are a team and I love that.

 Everymoring, we have devotional time together. We eat breakfast and read the word of God to get our day started. I love every moment and I love getting pictures of them while they're watching her go.
Sarah, Alli, and I are still being Homeschooled.
Alli and Sarah are also doing Co-op, which is a homeschool group that gets together once a week and does school with other homeschoolers.
I am at home doing school in my room and enjoying the quiet and peace.
Anna comes home and tells us what happened and what she learned. I love listening to her and I'm so thankful she has this opportunity. 

Thanks for reading.

Erika M.