Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I Found Anna's Ipod

This is the note I left with her IPod.

Their it is.
 I loved seeing the expression on her face when she saw it. After all it was lost for almost a year. She ran of her bed and told mom and dad.
Peace Man.

Erika M.


Avery said...

That's so cool that you found it! :D:D

Penney Douglas said...

Hi, I came here from your family's blog. My son has arthrogryposis, and God is healing him in amazing ways. I have loved seeing how you have learned to walk and are doing so well. Congratulations on finding Anna's ipod too! I bet she was so happy that you found it. If you would like to see some of the progress that Patrick has made in overcoming and being healed from arthrogryposis, you can see some pictures and video at under the category arthrogryposis. You might enjoy this one of him lifting weights at the gym. He's 17 years old now and can lift 205 lbs.!