Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dead Sea Scrolls

Dead Sea Scrolls is a Sunday School thing we were asked to do. It was for the high-schoolers at our church.
On the way there. In the big van.

When we got there he talked about what we were going to see.
We were told not take picture inside the building.
The inside was amazing. They had Martin Luther's original bible there. They had clay work from 2000 years old. They had glass cup and bowls that were made by hand. They had coins from that King Herod used. They had the scrolls from the sea and soooooooooooo much more like that.
So here is the outside pictures with my friends.


Friend Everett

Mom and Eliot

Moyra and I

Marion and I

High Schoolers

Eliot and I.

Jessy and I

Some of the Grown ups

Taylor and I

Heather and I.


Carolyn and I

Here we are all again

Savannah and I

In the big van going to eat.

Mr. Ritchie Our teacher drove us.


Here we are.

Marion and Taylor

Mr. Ritchie

Mr. and Mrs. Ritchie.

The waitress

The place we went to.

My food


And talking after eating.


Being silly

Everett and Heather

Savannah and Else

Back in the Car going home


Here is video of us Having fun.

We made it to Dallas

Saying Goodbye My friend.
Mom and I left and came and relaxed.
Thank you so much for the great trip Mr. Ritchie.

Erika M.

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That sounds like a lot of fun!! ;)