Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Boating With the Adelmans

 A couple of months ago, our Sunday school teacher left for New Mexico for certain resins. I posted about them leaving Here. They came back for a short visit and we took them out on the boat this Sunday.

Here are some pictures and videos. of the event.
Mr. Adelman.

 Sarah, one of his Daughters.
 Mom and Mrs. Adelman.

 Elizabeth, his oldest daughter.

 Mary, his youngest daughter.

 Ready to Skiing.

Here is the video of Mr. Adelman getting up on Skis.
And Success.

 Sarah got dragged on the knee board, and she had
lots of fun.
Sarah and Lizzy on the boat.

 Alli is on the left side.

 We all got in a circle and they thanked us.
 Group hug.
 We will see him and his family around thanks giving time.
Thanks for coming. It was lots of fun.

Erika M.

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