Monday, March 12, 2012

Sunday Tea Party

Sarah, Alli, and I decided to have a tea party together on Sunday.
It was so much fun.
Here are some pictures of our event.

Sarah and Alli set it up while I found some music 
to listen to.
Here is a video of Alli and Sarah telling me what is what.
Alli Serving me.

 Would you like milk with you tea.
 Drinking tea.


 Alli took a really big byte of a pickle 
and it tasted really sour.
 Reading robin hood.


 And then Sarah and Alli started to dance for me.

Erika Minich

1 comment:

The wonder women said...

This is awesome!!!
You might not know me but your mom and my mom are friends and my
friend Sarah Schlimme is your friend,so i thought that maybe WE could get to know each other so yeah...... I thought i posted a comment like this but i don't know
if you were able to see it.
Well,i really like your blog!!!

Martha Davis
(Yes,you might know that my mom is Mrs. Davis :)