Saturday, March 17, 2012

Minich Tennis Shoe Camp Part 1

 This morning we all woke and had everything planned. Anna made the schedules for us so we were all ready for Minich Tennis Shoe Camp.

Here are the picture of our one day camp:

These are the campers.

Let the fun begin. It's called the spider web.
Jump through without touching.

Sarah and Anna singing.
And next is the net. You have to get across while 
they shack you.
Sarah goes first.

The cat watching.
Next is Alli.

Last is Anna.
Looks like she isn't hanging on.

Down she went.
The cat is done watching.

And know all of them.

Circle time for five minutes.
Here's the video.
To be continued...

Erika Minich

1 comment:

Chiara Elena said...

I really like Sarah and Alli matching outfits, I think they like to to consider themselves the twin baby girls of the house. Am I wrong?