Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award

I received this blog award from my mother Christie Minich.
Mom you have been my encouragement  since the first day that I saw you. When I read your blog I enjoy the posts. Thanks for being such a good encouragement to me.I thank you so much Mom and now I will pass it down.

So here's how this works.  There are two parts to it when you are nominated.  First you have to list seven things or more about yourself that your readers might not know.  Then you pass the love along by nominating (up to) five of your favorite blogs for the award.

  1. I can't wait to drive.
  2. I love to do math when I cEan.
  3. I very much enjoy taking pictures and videos.
  4. I would love to film a movie someday.
  5. I enjoy make music on my Guitar.
  6. I love to do things with my sisters every chance I get.
  7. I was adopted when I was 7.
  8. I was in a dying room for the first four years of my life, but the Lord had a different plan for me.
  9. I love the Lord with all my heart.
  10. I love all my family very much and think they are blessing to me, because some kids don't have families.
Presenting to:
Mary Grace,  
Hanna Schlimme, 
Sarah Sclimme, 
Alli Minich
Baseballls Butterflies & Blessings

 Thanks for reading. 

Erika Minich


Mike and Christie said...

Erika, you are my own personal sweet heart. :) You encourage me to reach beyond myself and strive to do better. I love you sweetie. :)

Mary Grace Biggs said...

Thank you, Erika!