Sunday, January 15, 2012

Starting the Summer Early

Yesterday was Saturday, so it means time to clean the car.
It was so much fun.
After doing our van we decided to do our friends truck.
We also asked mom if we could put our bathing suits on, which was really fun.
We also got our radio and listened to Taylor Swift.

Here we are on the truck.
 Here are some pictures of
 Anna singing to Taylor Swift.

 Singing and washing.

 I got this picture by accident.

 Here am I washing the truck.
 Having so much fun.

 Alli loves having fun with Sisters.

 Anna told me she wanted a  series picture of her also.
 Alli singing as well.

 Sarah enjoying the fun.
Alli dancing to the music.
 Anna and Alli singing, dancing and posing.

 Cleaning the tires and the front car.

 And know its time for baths and rest.
I made the pictures look funny for fun.
Thanks for reading.

Erika Minich


Claire said...

That looks so much fun! It is really cold here, there is ice on the sidewalks.

Anonymous said...

I find it disturbing that you played in water IN JANUARY. Then again it is Texas....