Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saterday Chore

 Today is Saturday and we have fun doing chores.
First I did the bathrooms.
 1. I had to take out the trash.

 I also had to Sweep and Mop the floor.
Very hard to clean.

 Next I cleaned the mirror.
 Last I swept the floor
 and mopped.
 2. Clean car time.
 Alli gets to clean the van.
She is also ready to get me with the water.
 And I got to clean to clean the car.
 Here I am ready to rinse the car and get Alli.
 And I am rising it.
 Next I got to wash it.
I used the sweeper that you use to scrub the floor.

Cool I knew!!
 Having fun.
 I got Alli Wet.
 She is really going to get me for that.
 And she did.
Like really wet.
 We rocked and rolled while doing our chores  to 94.9: KLTY.

And the kitty cat either slept or watched use have 
a blast.

Thanks for reading

Erika Minich


Hannah said...

Haha Ali your funny! =)
nice car! haha ;)

Rebecca said...

that is the way to wash a car.... washing it while playing in the water :)

Anonymous said...

i love you