Thursday, October 20, 2011


A friend at church taught me how to crochet, and I have had so much fun learning. Rebeka S. has been very patient with me in showing me how to do it. In return I will teach her how to knit. I give my thanks to Rebeka.

This is my second one.
The first on I gave to Alli.
I'll get a picture Soon.

 I don't know it you can tell, but I tried to make a Boat.
Thanks for reading.

Erika M.


Joy said...

Hi Erika! What you made looks great. I can't crochet--I only knit and sew--but I would love to learn to crochet sometime (and tat, too!). :)

Hevel said...

That is awesome! Now as you get a little more practice, there are so many fun things out there to be crocheted. There is a wonderful craft blog at that you and your mom might want to check out. My daughters have crocheted dolls and knitted plushies based on her free patterns that they slightly modified.

Claire said...

Well done! That's amazing for one of your first projects. I like to crochet too, and I'm learning how to knit.The lacey crochet you made is really pretty, I've never tried that. Did you know that in the UK people who lived and worked on canal boats used to cover their homes in lace crochet to make them pretty? They even made ear covers for their horses!
I like to make hats and tiny monsters or animals. At the moment I'm making a hexagon blanket like this: