Thursday, September 22, 2011

More School Things

Today was another school day. On my math I do Saxon Math, and I have a blast....Except when I got Investigation. I am on Investigation 6 which doing Attributes of Geometric Solids.

Today I learned about the names of the Geometric solids.
Here are the ones I learned:
Triangular Prism, Rectangular Prism, Cube, Pyramid, Cylinder, Cone, and Sphere.

Also that the Solids can have Faces, e
dges, and Vertices.
Faces:A flat surface of a solid.
Edges:A line where two faces meet.
Vertex:A point where three or more edges meet.

I drew that and Copied it and put it up so I can memorize it.
If you really think about it math is really fun.
Believe it or not but math is my favorite subject in school.
Ha very shocking.!!!!
Drawing that was very fun.

But understanding what I was doing on my Investigation was hard this time.

Mom was very suprised that I couldn't understand the things it had me do.
I drew that one also: which was fun.

Thanks for reading my blog.

Erika Minich

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