Friday, September 23, 2011

Me and My Wonderful Loving Dad

Last week my wonderful dad took me out to Cristina's. Me and him had a great time. That will be a memory that I will never forgot.

I have a great gift from God and many others. One of them is my Inspiring,Caring, and Loving father.

The first time I met My mom and Dad, my words were, where have you been, I have been waiting for you for 50 years!

I use to dream big about having a loving family. Seeing other kids being adopted made me want to dream more for a loving family. Sarah was my friend in the orphanage, my true friend. When she was adopted, I felt so Scared, so Sad, and Angry, Losing my only true friend.

I was left in a dying crib for four years, everyone thinking I was not going to live. After four years, I was taken out and was put in an orphanage for three more years. Mom and Dad came and I was so happy.

Today we are all a family. It so amazing how God worked to put Sarah and I together as sisters. Not only me best friend, but has been my sister for 5 years.

I also have my sister Anna, that is funny, Sarcastic, loving, and Caring. She makes me laugh when I don't feel good or when I am sad. I love her very much.

And Also Alli, my Silly, wonderful, Loving, and Caring Sister. She cares for me when I am hurt or when I am sad.  She loves to spend time with me. And I love her Dearly.

 And now I come to my loving parents. My mom is very gentle with me. She is every thing all in one. She gets worried when Fall. She will set down with me and hold me and when I need her to. She is everything to me. Not long ago she told me I was turning into a beautiful young lady, inside and out.And I love her so very much..

And my Dad. It is hard to describe him. He is Daring, Silly, Sarcastic,Loving, and many. He loves to give me and my sisters hugs. He loves to love.
Today I stood with my dad and gave him a hug. While giving him that hug, it made me think about 15 or 20 year later I wont have my dad standing their able to give me a hug. I soaked that moment in loving my dad very much, hoping the moment would never be over.
If you think about your Dad or your Mom, the are a gift from God, they are very special.
After Losing my dearest Grandfather, it made me want love my Dad and my mom even more.
Every Day, Week, and Month we get closer to our death. Tell your loved ones that you love them while you have the chance to say.

So I got to soak another moment with my dad last Thursday.
Me and him leaving to go.
We turned up the radio really loud and rocked every place we went.
We could also call in and ask for a song we wanted to listen to .
So dad told me to call and ask for one that is not very popular. The radio station couldn't find it, so we called in and asked for another hard one.

He took me out to Cristina's and we had a wonderful time.

We had some great food.
Mom was very jealous!!

It was very Good. We prayed and had a great dinner.

It was very special to me and meant a lot.

He also took me to Guitar Center, and I got  a guitar tuner.

It was a wonderful Time.

Me and Dad came home and I thanked him and gave him a long hug.

Love you very Much Dad!!!
And thank you.

Thanks for Reading.

Erika Minich.

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Mike and Christie said...

Erika, that was very special. :)
Love, MOM