Sunday, June 26, 2011

First Fruit

A few days ago Alli and I found a fruit on our tree. Days after it fell and Mom and Alli got to eat it. It was an apricot.

Alli loved it, and so did mom.
That's when I found it.
 It looks really Good.
Thanks for reading my blog.



Mike and Christie said...

That was an AMAZING apricot. There is nothing like a fresh apricot. The store bought ones just don't taste the same.

Chiara Elena said...

Nice! I always wished I had an orchard. Right now I'm a growing tomatoes on the balcony kinda farmer

Erika Minich said...

I'm growing corn, Cucumbers, and beans. I am having a great time growing them. The corn is growing.

Erika minich.