Sunday, June 19, 2011


The 16th of June was birthday. I had a great time. And I love my Presents. Thanks mom, dad,Alli, Sarah, and Anna. I love all my presents.

Here are some pictures:

    First Clue.
 I had to go to dad shop to get my next clue.
 Thanks dad.
 Clue 2.
 Mom is such a poet,
don't you know it.
 Found in my Language Arts book.
 Clue 3
 I had to stop so mom can take some pictures of me. 
She was making cake.
That looks so good.
The Chicken was hiding my Present.
 Mom I love this. Love you.
 She made it harder, and I mean harder.
Mom and Dad bought me a bracelet. I love it. 
 Found a present in a cooking pan.
 And then in the laundry room.
 Alli made me a Happy Birthday card.
 I love you Alli. Thanks.
 And also some bookmarks. They are so pretty.
 I got to pick the dinner and I picked Chicken noodle soup.
 I asked for this too.
 I loved my dinner. Thanks Mom.
 Daddy liked it to.
 A job well done.
 My birthday Cake.
 A Gluten Free Cheese Cake.
 I also got to pick a movie to watch: Miss Potter, I love that movie.
I had a great birthday. Thanks everybody.


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