Monday, January 3, 2011

This Is What Me And Sarah Did On Sunday

I was sick on Saturday and on Sunday  mom and dad got sick.  So Sarah and I went outside and had lots of fun.

Here is one the thing we did.

Here it is:
                                                                     Here is Sarah.
                                                              Here is me in the wagon.
                                                                     Here is me again.
Here is what we did.
This is our next stop, in my dad's shop.
                                                                          Here is me.
Here is me after the trip worn out.
That is one of the things Sarah and I did.



Avery said...

New Years eve is my b-day!!!!!! i think that its cool that i was born on new years eve lol!

Sarah The Dreamer said...

I think that's cool too! Did you have fun Erika?