Thursday, November 27, 2014

Sweet 16 for Anna

 Oh. WOW. My sister turned 16 today. 
Is that exciting of what!!!! 
                                         To my dear sister Anna (Stevie), you are an amazing sister. I can not express in words how very proud I am of you. Your smile, so pretty and your beauty glows like a light in the darkness. Your laugh brings me joy and your goofiness  makes me laugh.
     I thank you so much for praying to God for a sister, and instead got three sisters. I thank you for your kindness and gentleness that you show. I love watching you grow, my sister. I enjoy our laughs, our inside jokes, our conversations, your hugs and wonderful snuggles . I so love hearing you sing when you don't think anyone is there to hear it. I love hearing stories from school. I love going shopping with you and learning what you like and what you enjoy doing. I'm so proud of your desire in wanting to be in ROTC. I was so excited to hear that my younger sister flew a plain over our house.  I thank God that he has placed you in my life and that he has used you as apart of my life to bring me a family and seven wonderful siblings. Through all your pain and hardships at the beginning of life, God has brought joy and peace. I can not wait to see what else God will do in your life, and I look forward to watching it take place.
  Happy Birthday my dear sister, Sweet 16.

Sweet 16

Erika M.

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