Monday, September 8, 2014

The School Life

    Well, school started two weeks ago. So far it's going good. There have been lots of changes in the way school has gone in the Minich family. 
    For a very long time my mother has homeschooled all eight of us kids. Four older brother, whom were pulled out of public school to home schooling, are now  older and married with beautiful kids. And now four girls have come from homeschooling to public schooling and college. Wow. What a change!
    Anna (aka.) Stevie, started public high school a year ago. This year, Sarah started public high school and Alli started junior high. I am still at home doing 10th grade with my mother. I am also doing a Russian college class at Collin College two times a week. 
    It is so different not having my sisters here at home with me. Different not seeing my sis Anna at the counter doing math and being saracastic, like she always was. Instead she is at her school making other teens laugh. How I miss this and how I miss you my sister! 
    It's different not having my sis Sarah at the table always laughing, or asking me to help her with math. How I miss the spontaneousness of us both getting up and dancing together. I miss you and your smile, my sister. 
    It's so different not having my youngest sis Alli at home curled up on the red couch asking me to get her water  or for help with English. I miss her calling me out of my room so I can get her a blanket! I miss your hugs and piggy back rides in the house. I miss you and love you sister. 
    I miss the times at lunch when we would all be in the kitchen getting something to eat, or when we would all be in the living room watching old shows like, "Andy Grifith," "Green Acers," "Little House on the Prarie," or "The Walton's." And sometimes even "Anne of Green Gables."  
I miss the passing of notes to each other during school, just so that mom would catch us! Or helping each other in our weak subjects. I miss the outside times we spent together, like playing basket ball, or soccor, and swings. I miss running outside with you guys to show papa our school grades or science project we did together. I miss it all. 
    But I am so happy for you all, that you get to have this new life experience. I love the stories that you have at school with your new friends. 
I love hearing about Anna and her ROTC adventures. 
About Sarah and her dancing adventures. She's the only one in her class who can do the splits!! So awesome. 
And about Alli in her classes and how she gets her homework done and the others in her team don't! Well done my sister. 

People ask me if I like it that I'm alone doing school. "is it great having the house so quiet?" they ask me. 
I don't know. I don't know if I like it.  I really don't. 

All I know is I miss them very much, but I am so happy for their opportunity for them. And I am so thankful to my mother for all the schooling she has given them and me. 

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