Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Month of October

 I apologize to all my readers about not posting sooner.
Well, the month is practically over. Life has been so different this year and that is so hard for me. 

One of my sisters has been doing public school and I barely get to see her. I truly miss telling her jokes and seeing her laugh and smile. I treasured every moment I got with her and now I treasure them even more.  
Sarah and Alli are both goofy and funny. We do school together everyday. They also are doing Co-op every Friday and I get some alone time.
I still volunteer at Scottish Rite once a month and I truly enjoy it.
Thanksgiving and Christmas is around the corner and I am so excited. Family will be coming and celebrating with us. 
All 8 kids will be in Texas and I know mom and dad are SO excited, and so am I.
I can not wait to see everybody's smile and hear every bodies voices.!!!
 Having fun decorating pumpkins.
Alli is amazing.
 I've been working on Diagramming and other school subjects.

This is how Sarah does her school

Alli and science

Bella asking for food.

Bread invented by Christie Minich.

I love cooking with my mom.

I could not help but capture this picture of my parents.
I love how they help each other with the business.

Thanks for reading.

Erika M.

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Sarah The Dreamer said...

Love the picture of Bella!:)
I can't believe how fast this year has passed!