Sunday, December 30, 2012


 Uncle Bob came Christmas Eve and had Dinner with us.
Dad below on Christmas Day.
Dad and Uncle Bob.
The Two Brothers.
 We got snow on Christmas Day:)
 I love the picture below.

 The cows are loving it.
Alli built this snow man and used the scarf she made for the neck.
 This was our Christmas breakfast.
 Sarah gift to Daddy
Anna put together a rock collection for Mom.

 I think Alli liked our Christmas gift-Radio for the boat.
       Alli got Sarah a mining kit. Sarah was very thankful!
   Anna got me a Music poster. Thank you.
 We had a special treasure chest from a customer. Thank you very much.Alli and Anna looking through.

We are going to give some to friends, wear some and especially use it for movies. :)
 Sarah rolled double sixes.
  Mom and Sarah playing.
Mom's roll.
Sarah is the winner.
  I played Uncle Bob and won the first game. He won the rest. He told me I was over heating when I won. :)  Backgammon is a favorite family game.
Uncle Bob is a great player.
Uncle Bob got Anna to play.
He is very silly.
Uncle Bob won.
Uncle Bob left on Saturday. He stayed five days with us.
Thanks for the great five days and for picking on Me.

 Anna got a gift card from Mom and she bought herself sweat pants and shirt.
 I have more to come on Christmas time.
Thanks for the patience.

Erika M.

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Avery said...

Sounds like y'all had a fun Christmas!!
Happy New year!