Friday, August 17, 2012

I got to Drive (and pulled over my first time)

 Yes I got Drive last Night.
This Thursday was my Special time with my Dad, so we had lots of fun. First Dad took me to Cristina's and we had a big dinner with desert (witch we usually don't get dessert). So very Special.  After that dad drove around and found an almost empty parking lot and He let me drive. There were some people there playing Volleyball and they called the police telling them that there is a Suspicious van driving around the parking lot. So I got pulled over on my first time of driving. He came up and asked if everything was OK. And Dad said yes she is learning how to drive. The police man was very nice and explained what had happened and why he was out there. He asked how old I was and then asked for my drivers license. I told him dad had his. And he said it's OK I'm just trying to give you a hard time. He also said that soon enough I will be learning how to Parallel parking. LOL. And then he left and I did some more driving. 
When we got home I came up to my mom's ear and told I got pulled over by the police man. And she covered her and was very shocked. I started to Laugh. I told her all what happened and then went to bed.
The bad thing was I didn't bring my camera. If I had I could have gotten a picture with the police man. Dad also later told that he should of asked a ticket for Suspicious driving. I could have brought back a souvenir. I had so much fun. Thanks Daddy.
 Next thing I know Anna had fun Mummifying me.
 I took all that stuff and Went to sleep. 
Erika M.


Muddled Muse said...

Oh, Erika! Such a fun and memorable date with your Dad!

My Dad taught me how to drive as well (we did the homeschooled driver's ed as well) and I still think about those early sessions along back roads and empty parking lots. I'm so glad you had a good experience when you were pulled over for the first time! (Have to say, my first pulled-over experience was NOT so pleasant!)


That is such a funny story!:D I loved reading this post. Next time you go driving hopefully you won't get pulled over "again" lol :)

Avery said...

Haha! That is awesome! I would be too scared to drive! LOL
See you tomorrow! <3

Manfred said...

lol, Your first drive and you pulled over.
I hope this doesn't happen more often. :)
the tickets got expensive :)

Wish a nice weekend. Greetings from Germany

Marvis Carswell said...

When the right time comes, you’ll be ready to learn to really drive. That is the time you have to take things seriously. Driving is fun, relaxing, and freeing, but it also takes a lot of responsibility. Kudos on driving for the first time! What a night that was, Erika! I’m glad that you were able to see the bright side of that incident.

Marvis Carswell