Monday, June 18, 2012

Sarah's Birthday

 Wow, 13. You are turning into such a pretty young lady. Some man will come and sweep you off your feet.
 Clue hunting.
 Anna and Alli waiting.
 Found one.

 Thank you Daddy.
 Mom cooking the cake.
 A pocket bag.
 I love you mom.
 Reading light.d

We went to the lake with her friends and swam.

 The van broke down so we had to wait for our friend to come and pick us up.So we took pictures while waiting.

 There she is.
 I got to wait with mom for the to truck. I got to ride with mom and the truck.
 Cake time.
 Happy birthday my dearest Sarah.
Welcome to teen hood.
 Thank you mommy.
 UMMMMM. This going to taste good.

Erika M.


Avery said...

13.....gr8 number! LOL Happy B-day Sarah!

Allyson said...

Happy birthday Sarah! The cake looks AMAZING. :D