Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Program

 This is the paper for how it's going to be.
 The candles.
 And this is my Friend Mary Grace.
 Dad gave Alli some mistletoe.
 The Sun setting.
 Beautiful creation.
 Mom after practice.
 A plane just went by.
 WOW. Pretty!!
This is Heather my friend playing the piano.
Mother and Daughter singing together.
Taylor singing a beautiful song.
Brother and Sister singing together.
Children's Choir.
 There's me.
 We sang two songs.

 Sarah and Alli.
 Story time.
Mom and Sarah Sing together.
Beautiful Song.

 High School kids sing.

 The Pastor plays Guitar.
 And a friend sings.
A church came and Sang for us.
This is the Children's Song.
And this is the Adults Song.
I had so much fun that Sunday.
Loved it.

Erika Minich

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Anonymous said...

Love the pics!