Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rather Late Post: Mothers day

Sorry I haven't got the chance to get on the computer with school and all. Anyway this is about what we did on Mother day.

First we went to On The Border after church. It was really good.

 This Picture I like.  Mom and dad are wonderful.
 After Lunch we got a Sunday.
 After our great meal we went home and mom took a rest and I did her toes.
 So here it is. ( Its time to Administer the death penalty).
 I like that picture and the toe nails.
 And here is some lotion.
Anyway it was a great Mothers day, And I had a blast.



Sarah The Dreamer said...

Hope mom thought it felt good. That was a fun Lunch for me.

Mike and Christie said...

It was a lovely day with my lovely ladies. :)
Thank you so much for my foot job. :)

I will never forget when I was napping a few years ago and hearing Sarah say, "It is time to administer the death penalty!" When she was doing my nails. LOL It woke me up!

Avery said...

Awww!! I love Mother's day.

Sarah The Dreamer said...

That was a fun lunch.

Mary Grace Biggs said...

Sounds like fun y'all had.