Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Team Minich

 The Minich team are adopting a child that needs a home and a family that will love her. My Mother and Father have been great parents. My Dad adopted my four brothers and raised them as his with my mom. They worked together as a team. 
 Then Anna, Sarah, and I came along and Mom and dad worked together to get us here, and trusted the Lord through the whole time. They have been great parents in teaching us right from wrong. And also preaching and telling us about the Lord Jesus Christ which I have recieved in my heart and believe that he got me hear and has a great plan for me. 
   I thank the Lord that I have wonderful sisters and brothers that love me. It is so amazing how the Lord works. He gave me a wonderful family and know he is giving a another girl who needs a wonderful home and family that Love me. The Lord gave me friends that love me and I am more than sure that Alli will find wonderful friends. The Lord works wonderfully.
   All I have to say is my parents have been great parents. And Tonight Mom and Alli are coming. I really can't wait. My sister Alli has a Blog and you can go check it out. Here It is. Click Here.

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Hevel said...

Oh so her name is Alli!

I hope you will have a wonderful first meeting with your sister!

Emilie said...

That is really cool!

Avery said...

I am glad the your parents are back!!! I cant wait to Ali!!

Rebecca said...

that's really cool!

Mike said...


Anonymous said...

Erika, This post is a blessing to Mom and Dad,

Love Mom