Thursday, December 30, 2010

Daddy's Helpers

  Yesterday mom and I went to Jasper to pick a part up for dad. Mom was given a map to get there.I don't think the map really helped her, cause we took the wrong road, then we didn't get off the turn we were suppose to, so we had to drive longer to turn around.Mom got off the wrong road and got to a neighborhood. There was a guy taking his dog to use the restroom,so she asked him for a little directions. So we got directions and got where we needed to get. We pulled up and stopped, and I said:I can't believe we got here. Its a miracle.We got out and I got some pictures of it.

Here it is:        Here is Mom.
                    Here is me.
               Here is mom and I.
This is the guy putting it in the truck.
There it is being pushed in.
         There is mom signing the papers.
                 Thumbs up.
I think I was in the car for three hours.


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