Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Sister's Adoption Party

My brother and Sister in law adopted to little boys that are so sweet and cute. On Sunday they had a party at their house. I brought my camera and took picture of the adventure.

Here it is...
                                         This is one of the  cakes that someone made for the party.
                                                         Thomas the Train.

That is a dog and it had a tail on the back of the cake.

 My brother and sister in law Tim and Emily
called for a bouncing house.

 This is the guy  that got  it ready.
Here it is laying out. 
                  Here is Sarah and Will.

 That is my sister in law's dad.

 These are the people that I go in the bounce house.  Dad
 Dad taking his shoes off to get in.
 That is after he got in.
Then I got Mark my brother in.
 Here he is after.
I think he is done.
  This is another guy I got in there.
Here he is in the bouncing house
 That is after.
This is my sister in law's dad. I got him in.

This is a video of the bounce house being set up.



Emilie said...

That looks fun. :-)

Chiara Elena said...

It seems like you and the whole gang had lot of fun, I'm glad, enjoy your new nephews!

Mike and Christie said...

Erika, did you notice how happy each of those guys looked after they bounced in that house! You dared them to do something they normally wouldn't have done and they seemed really have FUN! Love the smiles!

Erika Minich said...

Thanks both of you.

Anonymous said...

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