Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall Is Here

Fall is really here. I woke up today and went outside. It was cold. I couldn't believe it. I am so going to miss Summer. I loved the hot weather.  I loved going swimming. All that is going to change. But God has given us Summer, Fall, and Winter. And I am glad for what ever season we get. Spring is very beautiful because all the trees start to get green leaves.  Fall is very beautiful because all the leaves turn different color and they all fall of the trees. It is so beautiful. I  love Winter because it gets white and cold and Christmas time gets closer.


It is so amazing how God put the world together. 

It is so amazing
God is an awesome God.


Hannah~ said...

I miss summer!

Erika Minich said...

I miss it too. I miss the swimming.

Sarah The Dreamer said...

My favorite season is.... Winter. It used to be summer. I still don't really know.