Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mommy funny.

 So today I finished school and I went to mom. She was on the couch sleeping. So I go to her and ask her if I could use the computer, she said yes in her sleep. I knew she was asleep so I started teasing her. I said: Mom can I have million buck? She said: yes. LOL. Then I said: Can I have your room? She said: yes. Then I said: can I have your coke? And she said: Don't push your luck. LOL.

  I started laughing. It was really funny. I love to tease  mom, especially when she is asleep.
I love you mom.


Sarah The Dreamer said...

And here I was thinking dad was the world's greatest teaser. I still think he is.

Erika Minich said...

I agree hes is.

Sarah The Dreamer said...

of course