Saturday, June 12, 2010



I need an idea on what to write on my blog about?Please I need bad help.
If you can help me that will be wonderful. Thank you.

Do you think I should look on Google?

Oh and I need help on what I should do with my blog?I need to change it some time.

I like how it is but I want to change it.

If you do, thank you sooooooooooooooo much.

I have to go I am besy.



Kevin and Nikki said...

If you like, you can make a great big list of everything you'd like to accomplish in the next year. It can be anything--big or small!
For example, you might write:
My Goals For This Year:
1) Sew a dress for myself or someone I love.
2) Pick a flower for someone.
3) Clean and organize my bedroom.
4) Help my mom cook Thanksgiving dinner.
5) Volunteer at an animal shelter

Those are just some examples. You could come up with tons more! Then try to accomplish some of these goals. Then you can get on your blog and tell us which goal you accomplish today and how. For example,
"Today I accomplished goal #4. I helped mom cook Thanksgiving dinner! I was in charge of the mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. I peeled and mashed the potatoes all by myself. We sang while we cooked, and we had a really nice dinner later. We all talked about what we were thankful for."

See? Your list can be as long as you want--my friend Ciera's list is 100 items long!
Then, when you've completed everything, you can make a whole new list!

Just some ideas! I love you!


Chiara Elena said...

For example I am very curious about your typical day, when do you wake up? How much long is your school day' What do you like the most about being homeschooled, what you do not like about it? What is your bedtime? Do you like to sew/crochet/do needlepoint? What are you going to be as an adult? If you could buy/go anything/anywhere what will you choose? If you like to be asked question I will also do it in the future, I never asked because I'm always afraid to be too intrusive.
Have a nice day dear